“Band of Brothers”

An article written by our very own Jam Room about how roller derby has affected his and his wife’s life:


Walk A Mile In Her Shoes with Carolina Wreckingballs!


Come join us in front of the State House for a benefit to support sexual trauma victims of the Midlands!

Every day survivors of sexual violence in the Midlands rely on STSM for help with counseling, advocacy, and other healing services. STSM doesn’t just deal with the immediate trauma of sexual violence though. Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands is looking ahead to a future free from sexual violence and making a plan to help our community achieve this. STSM’s prevention education programs for youth and adults are proven to work and are offered free of charge.

Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands Website

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Carolina Wreckingballs Team Page

Men in Tights: The Role of Men in Modern Derby

There is a GREAT article about the way male derby players are accepted amongst the community of Derby at large. It is great to see positive things about male and female derby players working together to make this sport better for EVERYONE!


Carolina Wreckingballs vs Hitmen of Manatee County JANUARY 26, 2013

It’s that time of the year again! The 2013 season is back in full swing! Columbia Quad Squad has invited us to play in their season opener JANUARY 26 at the Jamii Temple. (It would behoove you to save that date) We have been working hard during the off-season. We have lots of new faces to bring to the team. We are definitely ready for another AMAZING SEASON!

The Carolina WreckingBalls will be playing against the Hitmen of Manatee County. This is a new team for us to play so we are beyond stoked.

Then the Miss B’Havers will be playing the Appalachian Roller Girls of Boone, NC. Then the main event of the All Stars taking on Demolition City Roller Girls.


Tickets $10 Dollars in Advance $12 the day of. You can purchase tickets online here:

206 Jamil Rd
Columbia, SC 29210

Columbia Pride!

Recently, the roller derby community in Columbia including the Carolina Wreckingballs participated in the Gay Pride Parade. We had a blast and recommend everyone coming out for the support of Pride! We thought we’d be a little different than having a flashy float or sweet dance routine, so we had the balls pull a truck as our showcased attraction. (no ropes were hurt in the making of the event)
Thanks to everyone who came out and showed your support for the balls as well as Pride. We hope to see you all next year!

Balls do Jacksonville

Ok, Balls fans, it’s that time again. We are heading to Jacksonville, FL on Sunday to go head to head with Magic City’s own River City Rejects. . .AGAIN. As some of you know, we have played these boys back in May with a devastating loss of 200-85. We are coming back with a few tricks up our sleeves and we are in it to #WreckRiverCity


If you would like to come out and support your Carolina WreckingBalls here is the address:

Mandarin Skate Station
3461 Kori Rd
Jacksonville, Florida 32257-5470
This is a double header with Jacksonville’s JR Derby league (awwww) The Duval Derby Dolls: Green Machines vs Purple Punishers playing after the men so stick around for some cute violence as well!
Tickets are 10$ at the door kids 10 and under are FREE.

Shout-Out Time

The Carolina Wreckingballs would like to give a few people a shout out for their constant hard work and love for the game.

First and foremost, I am please to announce the addition of 6 newly assessed balls and one transfer! Which brings our ACTIVE skater count to 19!! Check the SKATERS tab after the bout on August 18th to see their first headshots and bios and get to know our new guys!

-Five Dollar Foot Long

-Static Shock






We would like to send out a huge love-yell to Mama Blue. She is responsible for getting some of our merch and selling it for us at bouts. Our Merch table would flat out suck without her. WE LOVE YOU Mrs. H!!

Last but not least, thank you to our sister league the Richland County Regulators for sharing their space, knowledge, and support. BDS/BGS!

Want to help?

The boys would like to send a huge shoutout to Sinabon, a friend of the balls since its inception in 2011. He has agreed to sponsor the Balls, which helps us out immensely! We cannot express the gratitude we have for each sponsor.

Are you interested in sponsoring South Carolina’s ONLY Men’s Derby League? Want your company logo on our site? Score some awesome PR opportunities? Shoutouts on Social Networking and bouts? Consider becoming a sponsor for the WreckingBalls!

It is an awesome opportunity to promote your business and also support your local Men’s League! Whether its monetary donations or much needed service exchanges for advertising blurbs and shoutouts throughout the entire season!

For more information and explore your options, please contact Hawaiian Donkey Punch at Matheny.Matthew@gmail.com